How to Check Are you in Love or Not?

Friends say, ‘You’re in love’, but I don’t know whether it’s love or something else. Yes! It’s the feeling that we all experience at one point of time or the other. Ironically, we remain unaware; even after the bug has hit us. We keep on saying, ‘Nothing has happened to me’, but still we feel from inside, ‘Something has happened’ and yet don’t know whether it’s that four letter word or other else. Check yourself whether your are in love with the following questions:

Do you love spending time with her/him?

This is the first symptom of love. You will want to stay with him/her as long as possible. You will want to sit with him/her for a long chat. You will feel like dinning, going, eating, shopping, roaming; it means you will want to do everything with him/her except those things, which you feel it’s not the right time to reveal.

Do you have recurring thinking about her/him?

You will always keep on thinking about her/him. You will imagine what will she/he respond if I ask this question. You’ll also start keeping ready-made replies and questions. You will take utmost care of your attitude. You will never want to make him/her feel that you are a person with bad taste. You will tend to be so creative.

Do you feel his/her quirks charming?

If you are in love you will see only the positive sides of your friend. You will tend to ignore all his/her negative aspects. You will find all her quirks – her/his smile, her/his way of talking etc so charming.

Are you taking so much care of her/him?

You will take care of every single thing of her/him. You will want to wish her/his birthday in a different fashion. You will take care of all happenings in his/her family. You will want to come out with best support to her/him. You will want to cheer up him/her everyday.

Do you include him/her in your future scheme of things?

If you are in love, you’ll certainly include her/him in your future scheme of things. You will start making plans that will certainly have his/her place in your plan. Asking for her/his opinion about your new house or vehicle is a simple example.

Do you start giving more priority to her/him?

If you are in love, off course, he/she will be in the top priority. Nothing will be greater than her/him. Visiting her/him will be more important than attaining a close friend’s party.

Have you started forgetting your ex?

It was only some time back that thoughts of your ex gave some sleepless nights. But now after accompanying with your new friend for some time, you start having some relief from all those thoughts. You are thinking more about your new friend than the old one.

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