Do’s and Don’ts for a date

someone with matching vibes

It is not always that we meet the right person, someone with matching vibes. We can still have a good time while at it and part ways with good impressions of each other. Here are a few tips to make the most out of your dates, whichever direction they ultimately take.

First impressions do count. Most of us subconsciously form impressions of a person’s character and personality within minutes or even seconds of meeting them. So it is important that you dress well and put your best foot forward.
On appearance

Wear what suits you. You don’t have to go for designer labels or very expensive accessories. Confidence and self-awareness help more than anything else. Highlight the most attractive parts of your appearance.


Less is always more, so use understatement for the way you dress and use makeup. Avoid bright red lipstick and long nails. Wear minimal jewellery.

Do not jump for the latest fashion trend. This shows you rather as a fashion victim than somebody with a style of her own. Avoid shopping for a special outfit only for the date- you are not likely to find what exactly you want and as a result, you will feel less confident.

Wear a fitting bra (of the right size). Showing some cleavage is catching in, but consider your upbringing and culture. If you are not comfortable doing it, it is going to show and so avoid it.


Avoid the kind of clothes you might wear for a casual outing with your guy friends- like T-shirts with slogans and cartoon characters. Your date partner may not share your particular brand of humour.

Do not wear suits if you are not in the habit of wearing them day in and day out. The thumb rule is that you should be seen comfortable in them and not constantly fiddling with the tie and cufflinks.

Wear deodorant. Wear sandals only if your feet look good. Play safe with tattoos and such stuff. While more and more girls are coming to love them, there are some who just can’t bear a tattooed guy.

Avoid talking about fashion trends unless you are a real pro.
Compliment the girl on what she’s wearing. You may not actually like it, but it is nice to say something appreciative, considering the effort they have taken to look good. But whether you like the dress or not, don’t overdo.

General Tips


Take care of your hands and nails so that they look clean. Grubby hands are a turnoff. Also, wash your hair.

Have a light snack before you arrive at the venue. This helps to control the hunger and also prevents the drink from going to your head.

Stick to moderation in everything you do- including dress, drink, and talk. Wear clothes in the right size. Baggy clothes and spilling out of clothes are both awful.


Don’t start drinking at your room/ pad. You will arrive drunk at the venue.

Don’t wear clothes appropriate for the chosen venue, if you don’t want to be embarrassed before your date.

Don’t choose a totally different dress style from your usual one.
Avoid expensive gifts for your first date with someone. A small gift or flowers the day after the date would be more appropriate.

Few things to remember as Gentleman

1. Analyze – Always figure out what you want from a relationship and how you want the relationship to be before you get involved or even make an attempt. If its all just casual, no issues, if you think it’s a seriously longtime affair you are looking for, be more careful and choose.

2. Ciggies Stink – If you think the fragrance of sweat and tobacco stimulate women, you are right, they surely get stimulated. However, the difference is, the reaction is the same they have when they smell a gutter, so guys a good Deo and the ciggie far away is the best way to keep the women around.

3. Buy her a drink, and expect nothing – If she accepts your offer for a drink, don’t go overboard and think you own her. You just bought her a drink, that’s it. If you want to make her your friend, ask her to buy you a drink after she has gulped two of those you bought her.

4. Compliment her – Use simple and general compliments like, “ This purse looks hip, where did you get it from? “ It does not matter whether you are going to buy the same purse from the shop she says, what matters is you got her talking and sharing information.

5. Avoid Lies – We all are tempted to lie and boast a little about ourselves to our prospective partners, however, this practice is not that safe as we think it is. Trust me, my personal experience I have realized there is no point in lying to get a date, it does not go well in the future. Instead, she would appreciate if you were honest in the first instance.

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