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Some of the More Common Diseases and Conditions, including a Definition and the Causes, Symptoms & Treatments


1- Drink orange juice daily empty stomach for about 10 days.

2- Take one gm. Cinnamon and six gms. small myrobalan. Powder them and take this powder with half cup of warm water at night.

3- Take one lemon juice in one glass of water at night or in the morning.


1- Chewing five leaves of Black berry, Margosa, Bel tree and ‘Sada bahar’ each and two leaves of Basil daily in the morning is very useful in case of diabetes.

2- Drinking mixed juice of one bitter gourd one cucumber and one tomato daily empty stomach in the morning is useful for diabetes.

3- One or two teaspoonfull of juice of soft leaves of Margosa daily empty stomach in the morning is useful in diabetes.

4- One tea spoon of black berry kernel with water in the morning and evening is useful in curing diabetes.

Heart Problem

1- Taking one cup juice of cucurbit (gheeya) with juice of seven leaves of basil and seven leaves of mint daily in the morning is useful in removing the blockage problem of the heart. Persons having cold effects can mix little dry ginger and black pepper powder in it.

2- Take 3 gms (Half tea spoonful) bark of ‘Arjun’ tree, one cup of water and one cup of milk. Mix them and boil it. When it remains about one cup, remove it from the fire pan and filter it. Taking one cup of it while empty stomach in the morning and evening is very useful for the persons having heart problems.

High Blood Pressure

In case of high blood pressure it is useful to take two teaspoon full of honey properly mixed with one tea spoon full of lemon juice in the morning and evening.


1- Put some coriander seed in water and allow it to be soaked throughout the night. In the morning filter it and drink. It is useful in case of piles.

2- A small teaspoonfull of juice of bitter gourd with some sugar is useful in treating piles.

3- Using powder of mango-kernel with honey is also useful in case of piles.

Precaution :- Persons suffering from piles should never take brinjal.

Arthritis and Rheumatism

1- Take powder of dry ginger, turmeric and fenugreak seed in equal quantity and mix them. Taking one tea spoon full of this mixed powder with water daily in the morning and evening after meals is very useful for the patients of Arthritis and Rheumatism.

Precaution :– Patients of Arthritis should avoid the use of lemon, curd, whey, pickles, cucumber and fried things.


The views expressed above are solely of the writer. The writer has derived the content from various articles, books and personal experience over the years of general practice.

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