A Harmful or Toxic Friend can cause a lot of difficulties that keep haunting you for a long time.

When you enter a friendship, you are opening yourself to harm and hurt. A harmful or toxic friend can cause a lot of difficulties that keep haunting you for a long time.

Recognizing the harmful nature of a relationship can help you to avoid them early on. Hurtful friends come in all shapes and sizes. Here are a few of them.

The Use and Throw type: This person befriends you only to serve some purpose of his/ her own. This is perhaps the most harmful of the different types.

The traitor: You don’t expect an enemy to be truthful to you. But it hurts the most when a trusted friend betrays you.

The control freak: The control freak may be helping you, but always wants to control your life as well as theirs. If you try to be independent, they will show their true colors.

The critic: The critic is judgemental and harms your self-esteem like no one else. He/ she find some fault or other with everything you say or do.

The unreliable one: This person rarely keeps his/ her promises. If you arrange to meet at a certain place and time, this person often does not show up. This person is totally non-dependable.

The gossip-monger: You can never trust this person with a secret or something closely personal. One good this about this type is that it is easy to spot and identify.

The I-Me-Myself person: They are too self-centered to ever think of your needs.

The competitor: This person is always up to someone up antic. They are competitive to an unhealthy extent.

The needy one: This person is too needy and always engrossed in his/ her personal problems. This person demands all your time and gets cross when you can’t give it.

At the end of the day, it is difficult to judge a person without getting somewhat close to him/ her and so it is impossible to enter a friendship without taking a risk. However, knowing the pattern might help you to know what is happening and take precautions at the earliest.

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