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Recliners India Elevates Cinematic Experience with Installation of Luxurious Recliner Multiplex Seats at Palaxi Cinemas

Delighted to announce the successful installation of the most comfortable recliner multiplex seats in the Southern part of India at Palaxi Cinemas.

NEW DELHI,1, 2024 Recliners India, a leading manufacturer of premium recliner seats, has recently announced the installation of their luxurious recliner multiplex seats at Palaxi Cinemas, one of the most popular movie theaters in South India. This move is set to elevate the cinematic experience for moviegoers and provide them with a new level of comfort and luxury.

The new recliner multiplex seats at Palaxi Cinemas are designed to provide the ultimate movie-watching experience. With plush cushioning, adjustable footrests, and ergonomic designs, these seats offer maximum comfort and support for moviegoers. The seats also come equipped with USB charging ports, allowing viewers to stay connected and charged throughout the movie.

According to Mr. Dileep Kumar, VP of Recliners India, “We are thrilled to partner with Palaxi Cinemas and bring our premium recliner seats to their theater. Recliners India aims to provide moviegoers with a luxurious and comfortable experience, and we believe that our recliner multiplex seats will do just that. We are confident that this collaboration will be a game-changer in the Indian cinema industry.”

The installation of these recliner multiplex seats at Palaxi Cinemas is a testament to Recliners India’s commitment to providing high-quality and innovative seating solutions for the entertainment industry. With their state-of-the-art technology and superior craftsmanship, Recliners India continues to set the standard for luxury seating in cinemas. Movie lovers can now look forward to a more enjoyable and relaxing movie experience at Palaxi Cinemas with the new recliner multiplex seats.

Recliners India’s partnership with Palaxi Cinemas marks a significant milestone in the Indian cinema industry, as it brings together two leaders in their respective fields to provide moviegoers with an unparalleled experience. The installation of these luxurious recliner multiplex seats is sure to attract more movie enthusiasts and elevate the overall movie-watching experience in Kozhikode, Kerala, South India.

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