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Most beautiful places in Italy to visit

The place from where the word aesthetic came into light of being is either Greece or Italy. The next country to follow the legacy of Greek empire and leave an indelible mark on the maps of history is Italy, the place with its rich cultural heritage; tradition has the best of best to offer each its visitors. The about to fall buildings, gothic structures, narrates the rich past in its each block.

Amalgamation of snow capped mountain and hot Mediterranean beaches, flawless villages and busy streets of metro political cities, gives the serene immaculate experience of nature.

If Milan is the hub of financial powerhouses, then Rome is seat of administration. The visit to Rome without seeing the colloseum is like tour put in vain. One of the worlds oldest building that speaks of one time huge amphitheatre offers you the feeling overwhelm at first look. The Colosseum was begun by Vespasian and inaugurated after his death in 79AD by his son Titus. Up to 50,000 spectators enjoyed immense gladiatorial shows of death and violence. The half an hour visit to capitoline museum gives real play of legendry scholars, poets and writer. The museum embellished with 15th century architecture, setting gives the lifetime experience. The palazzo barberini, art gallery is located in the aristocratic palaces of Italy. The 17th century museum is the adoration of barberini family, the pope urdo, gave the palace to design by maderno, berini and borromini.

Fashion thrives on the Milan, place where fashion statement is born. The famous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, an elegant nineteenth century glass-covered shopping arcade, where you can enjoy a coffee while watching the stylish Milanese parade. Milan next tourist highlights begin with the magnificent, gleaming white Duomo, the immense Gothic cathedral took almost 500 years to complete reflecting the change of fashions in a surreal mixture of architectural styles. For designer shopping, the best area is the Quadrilatero, around Via Montenapoleone and Via della Spiga. If you have interest in opera shows, do not miss to visit the worlds most popular opera house, la scala.

Venice needs no words of introduction; the place itself brings the immortal image of serene romantic beauty. The city build near the Grand Canal, remains of the most famous destination all over the world. The source of churches, museums, art galleries, Venice has something to offer everybody. The lovely curvy shape of Santa Maria della Salute is one of Venice`s most pictured landmarks. It stands on the final stretch of the Grand Canal, over the water.

The next important destination one cannot afford to miss while visiting to Italy is Naples. Through the centuries, the place is seen as the most unsafe part of the Italy with the crime rate arousing every year. But like any other city of Italy, Naples has the best to offer. The Palazzo Reale, royal palace, was started by the city`s Spanish rulers, continued by the Bourbons and completed by the kings of Italy.

The best time to visit the place is during springtime February–March or during autumn October-November. Avoid to pay visit in August as most of the tourist places are closed and to avoid empty streets.

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