The Rules of Attraction Must be Follow by Everyone

Research makes it evident that the more symmetrical your face is the more attractive you are considered. Biology, genetic mutations and environmental influences all factor into how symmetrical your face and body will become.

In the modern aura of glamour, beauty, and charm, as a guy, all that you would primarily want in your date is heart throbbing beauty with a perfect figure and as a girl, you would like him to be handsome and tall.

So you see, it all about looks ultimately!

Have you ever been perplexed as to why your best friend is dating someone who you find very unattractive? Or have you ever turned down a date with a girl who had such an engaging personality but who you thought wasn’t much in the looks department? 

Well, let us explore the influence of science over the rules of attraction……

There goes an old saying – Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Then can you explain the fact that all celebrities and models are universally accepted as beautiful? That is nothing but the science that determines physical attractiveness. If science is in your favor, you might have a significant advantage in life, but being beautiful isn’t just about having the perfect angles in your face. In fact, the rules of attraction are quite complex.

Science of Physical Attractiveness Science has a definite hold on the definition of physical attractiveness in terms of the exercises we do, our other grooming habits and personality, all apart from the clothes we wear. 
The symmetry of a face is what typically defines the standards of beauty universally.
Research makes it evident that the more symmetrical your face is the more attractive you are considered. Biology, genetic mutations and environmental influences all factor into how symmetrical your face and body will become.

Beauty is also quite dependent on an individual’s cultural perceptions. Till date, men find women with more feminine characteristics, like large eyes and full lips, more attractive, and women find men with more masculine characteristics, like a square jaw and pronounced brow, more attractive.

Benefits of Being Physically Attractive
Possessing the scientific standards of attractiveness can indeed be very advantageous for any individual. In our day-to-day lives, we often get attracted towards people who possess good looks, remember first impressions of people are always based on the way they look.

Extensive psychological researches also prove that attractive people are usually perceived as more intelligent, competent and receive better treatment throughout their life. Even the schoolchildren view more attractive teachers as smarter. The employers often prefer to hire attractive persons much more than the unattractive ones. Also, attractive persons are often likely to get a higher salary.

Attractiveness in Relationships
The rules of attraction state that for all relationships, a level of mutual attraction must be present, and usually that attraction is based on a combination of both physical and mental elements. 

Interestingly, a new study from the University of Liverpool concludes that people favor mates with similar faces to their own. Over 200 men and women were shown photographs that were digitally-altered to look like their own faces, and most people tended to find those who looked most like them to be the most attractive. So perhaps the theory of couples tending to look like each other isn’t so far off.

Another research on the topic suggests that the importance of being physically attracted to your spouse does not decrease over time, as was perhaps previously thought. Remaining attracted to your spouse just may be a significant element in sustaining a healthier marriage for the long run.

Personality Plus
The effects of physical attractiveness on attraction are certainly relevant, but just because someone has a scientifically-valued face or body doesn’t mean that everyone will consider them attractive. Personality also must back your charm as this also has every bit to do with attractiveness.

For instance, one might be very attracted towards a very good-looking girl but once you get in talking terms and find her personality less than stellar, you would most likely begin to rethink her overall physical attractiveness. Instead, a warm, sincere, funny, and charming personality can make even the least symmetrical person seem a whole lot more attractive. 

So as much as being easy on the eyes can be watered down to a bit of science, possessing physical attractiveness encompasses a lot more than just symmetry or a nice body. The rules of attraction encompass the attractive personality you cultivate and the natural beauty which radiates from that.

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