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UNION BUDGET 2021- Budget 2021 a boon for women

The budget presented by finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman made a landmark by saying “adequate night shifts to be offered to women with adequate protection”. This would help in the employment of women. It was the first time globally women’s safety and protection was talked about for work at night. The domain which is mostly assumed to be taken up by men is opened for women in such a huge way. The women should be paid with no gender bias and minimum wages shall be taken care of. these were some of the factors which were deliberated upon by the finance minister in the budget.

The budget allocated for women and child development in 2021 is ₹ 24,435 crore. The budget has been increased by 16% then other years to focus on the development of women and children. A separate budget for protection and empowerment of women was also given in the 2021 budget. The 48 crores were simply set for this power to protect the women and empower them by imparting education and providing them with basic means of survival.

The women who are focused in the domestic field have been allocated facilities of resources such as LPG, encouragement to start working, education loan policies for girls, separate bank accounts and even monetary benefits on birth of a girl child to promote girl children and prevent female infanticide.

The budget was holistic in nature providing a lot of opportunity for women in the domestic as well as the work force. It is also looking into important aspects such as protection, safety, wages and gender equality.

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