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New Amsterdam to New York

On this day today in 1953 a famous city of US was renamed from New Amsterdam to New York. Today Dutch director general had surrendered new Amsterdam to Britain. The Dutch settlers had set up the Dutch west India company. The company used to initiate fur trade and which was later supplied to the rest of the world. The Dutch west India company was established under new Netherlands. The capital of new Amsterdam was the island of Manhattan. The Dutch west India company tried taxing the natives to drive them out of the area. Soon in 1643 the company launched an attack on the natives. 120 native Americans lost their lives in this attack.  After the attack there were retaliatory attacks which killed more than 1000 native Americans.

The turmoil of the Dutch west India company came in the eyes of the enemy settlers who wanted to take advantage of the situation. The king Charles II gave the area between Delaware and Connecticut river to his younger brother as a Duke. The Dutch west India company became a little unstable. The duke and the west India company came on logger heads for the slave trade they had been running from that area. Soon the king’s authority was put over the Dutch and the name was renamed from New Amsterdam to New York a short form of Yorkshire. Yorkshire is in England from where the king belonged.

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