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Yugoslavia changes its name to Serbia and Montenegro

On todays date of 4th of February in 2003 the parliament of Yugoslavia had disbanded itself. The country had been created in 1918 for the people belonging from the kingdom of Croats, Serbs and Slovenes.

The new countries made are now known as Serbia and Montenegro. The new country has a dual capital system. The capital of Serbia serves as the primary capital. Podgorica is the capital of Serbia. The capital of Montenegro looks after the republic.

Kosovo is a is a union of Serbia. Citizens of the country were not very happy with this move however the government still went ahead with the name change. The government claimed the name was derogatory and the name had to be changed because historically Yugoslavia meant land of the southern slaves”.

Serbia has a population of 10 million. Presently the country is a land locked country. The country is located in eastern Europe. During the cold war Yugoslavia was a part of the Ussr and later became independent. Later Yugoslavia’s leader signed the policy of NAM (nonaligned movement).Presently Serbia is a republic country. The head of the state in Serbia is a president.

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