Attention Boys.. How to get that Girl to notice you….

So you`re dying to get the attention of that new pretty gal in your office? Chances are that you’ve got stiff competition. Here are some suggestions on how you can stand out in the crowd and eventually win her heart.

Compliment some other woman in the office. Study her response. If she seems to have got jealous, you stand a chance. She might want you to compliment her.

Do not join the crowd of men who are eager to please her. Those who crowd to her are viewed as already conquered, while your apparent coolness might puzzle her.

Try to manage the time you leave, so that it coincides with her time of leaving. But you have to avoid being obvious. If you get some time with herwhile getting out of the office, you will get to know if she has noticed you.

Let her see you having an easy time with the other women in the office. If she finds that you are having a good time, chances are that she will want to join in.

It would be great if you have an opportunity to show her that you have a life outside the office. This is more applicable if the nature of your work
is very serious.

Avoid getting drunk or being seen as a flirt. These are obvious reasons for a woman to snub a guy.

You may not be the best looking guy in the office, but you can always use your strengths to your advantage. A sense of humor, ability to carry on
with an interesting conversation- all of these get noticed.

Be nice to everyone- both guys and gals in the office. This way your target sees that you are not being nice to her only as a way of getting her.
Of course, you can’t afford to be too nice to other girls.

Make sure you get noticed. However, you should avoid overdoing it to
the extent of being obnoxious.

Avoid bragging, but let her see that you are having good fun on weekends. However, what she gets to see should be things that show you in a
good light.

So go ahead and get that gal! But do remember to keep the good work
going once you have her on your side!
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