Vastu Shastra-The upcoming trend in the Architecture Industry that dates back to Vedas and Puranas

One fascinating gem among these jewels is Vastu Shastra, the upcoming trend in the architecture industry that dates back to Vedas and Puranas.

Indian ancient scriptures pool in an ocean of knowledge and mankind has been picking out its pearls for years now. Although these studies make strong use of mythology and religion to inculcate faith in them, these are always based on strong scientific shreds of evidence. One fascinating gem among these jewels is Vastu Shastra, the upcoming trend in the architecture industry that dates back to Vedas and Puranas.  

In a layman’s word, Vastu simply means the place where you live and work from. All sorts of constructions, may it be houses, buildings, forts, industries, cities, where ever a person lives or works falls in it. The ancient Indian classical texts quote-Vastu is an appropriate land for the house.

In literal terms, Vastu is a Sanskrit word that means nature, surrounding or environment. It originated from the word Vasthu that means anything existing, an ‘item.’ ‘Shastra’ in Sanskrit denotes systems. So to coin a definition – ‘Vastu Shastra’ is an ancient art & science containing principles & practices of constructing buildings so as to ensure a harmonious balance between man and nature and thereby inculcate positive forces like happiness, health, wealth and prosperity.

The Knowledge
Vastu gives us the knowledge regarding the land & building where a person resides or works, gives maximum safety & convenience, and provides methods to get maximum safety & convenience. Enables the five elements of nature that are earth, water, fire, air, and space with natural forces like magnetic, gravitational and solar power, the study uses and manages life with all concerned activities to reach to solutions that yield utmost comfort and safety.

The ancient sages of India laid down several principles for constructing buildings, taking advantage of the forces of nature, the ‘Pancha Bhootas’ namely earth, space, air, fire, and water. To ensure peace, prosperity, and happiness, Vastu illustrates ways & means to balance harmony among man, the constructions and nature. The natural forces involved in the process enlist gravitational & magnetic effects, rotational influences of the sun, moon, earth, and other planets and their effects on earth. These principles date back to centuries and are evolved out of experience and foresight of ancient sages of India. Vastu Shastra has proved its value to mankind since ages now. In architectural terms, the study divides any given set up in eight directions. According to the Hindu Shastras, if we worship, revere and respect the lords of these eight directions, they will shower on us their blessings and benefits.

It’s Branches
1. Domestic Vastu: Houses made up of bricks, stones, cement, etc.
2. Commercial Vastu: It is further classified into two parts i.e. 
     • Industrial Vastu (all kinds of factories & industries)
     • Offices, Showrooms, Shop, and other commercial places
3. Spiritual Vastu: All temples, rest houses, and religious & spiritual institutions.

Is it beneficial for human life?
It gives us the technique of extracting the maximum benefits of nature & environment for convenience & safety in life through construction. As we know, the human body consists of five elements that are the Pancha Bhootas mentioned earlier, this is a science that coordinates the elements of our body with correspondents of the nature with natural forces. Therefore this knowledge is very useful & profitable for us for daily activities.

Every work has its unique characteristics & features, aforesaid knowledge gives us the appropriate direction for the desired work, where & how to construct a room, its outer structure & interior arrangements ………….. all in all our work, one can work without any problems flawlessly.

As per the nature of work, it guides the apt direction. Vastu advises as to what kind of work shall be best accomplished in what direction stating degrees to each nook and corner as normal, medium, average and prohibited.

This art gives us an insight into an individual’s life with details like physical problems, mental agony, downfall in business and other routine problems that are caused due to nature. Along with the same, it suggests remedial measures to prevent & cure such conditions.

Alas, this ‘Shastra’ that is system works for each and very ‘Vastu’ that is anything existing in order to benefit mankind with harmony & support of nature and consent of the five key elements that make life.  

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